About Us


My wife and I have been involved in the South African real bread movement since 2013. We started out humbly with a small artisan bakery in Alberton (Gauteng) selling and supplying bread to shops and clients.

Our passion for real bread led us to run and teach artisan bread-making courses in JHB and CPT.

Over time we found that it was difficult for home bakers in South Africa to acquire the right tools for making good bread at home. This led us to start sourcing quality tools and equipment and establishing the Bread Emporium! Currently, we have well over 100 curated products available and we’re constantly expanding our product range. As a small family-run business, we aim to offer the best customer experience possible!

Why Us?

Simply put: We are really passionate about authentic bread!

With years in the industry, we know what home bakers need and only source products that will enable you to be successful in your bread journey. We also have a wealth of bread-making knowledge and we are happy to share it if you have any questions.

Our mission is to enable the rise (pun intended!) of authentic bread baking in South Africa by supplying affordable and quality bread-making equipment and ingredients. Our long-term goal is also to share valuable bread-making resources through our website in the form of video tutorials, recipes, and blogs. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!